A Final Thought

The world of collecting and restoring old or vintage radios is a wide family of like minded people who spend their time (and money!) on their particular specialisation and passion. Mine as you have seen is the humble old Civilian Wartime receiver or “Utility set”. Happy collecting! 

If you require further information on how to restore or just staring a collection of your own I can thoroughly recommend the following web sites and Societies.

 British Vintage Wireless Society – publishes a regular newsletter and holds various meets and auctions throughout the Country. Well worth joining and a must for the serious collector! 

Radio Workshop
– A vintage radio repair business based in Worthing. Ray also produces a weekly video of repair and restoration tips and has a member’s area which gives access to plenty of additional information and tips.

UK Vintage Radio Repair & Restoration – Run by Paul Stenning and packed with excellent information, projects to build and a section on collecting and restoration. He also hosts the UK Vintage Radio Discussion Forum website – a wealth of knowledge from like minded enthusiasts.

Vintage Electronics Blog & Forum – Another website packed with excellent information, this time with a focus on vintage television. The site also hosts the VRAT Forum – again a wealth of knowledge from like-minded enthusiasts

Buying or Selling – As with most collections, my collection of Wartime Civilian receivers is still to be completed and as such I am always interested in purchasing more items, especially any literature or the more odd, hard to find stuff such as the add-on LW adaptors. If you have anything that may be of interest, please do drop me a message. Equally so, from time to time I do also dispose of the odd duplicate complete receiver or chassis, so if you might be interested in acquiring one or even just restoring one yourself and you need any special or more hard to find spares that you think I may have surplus of, then again please feel free to ask. 

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